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Scott Wainwright - Interview

Hard working Barnsley singer song writer Scott Wainwright has been a regular performer on Yorkshire’s music scene over the last ten years, with an energetic, humorous and eclectic take on blues, folk and gospel music.  Andrew Sugden caught up with Scott after his gig at Factory Street in Bradford.

Q Hi Scott nice to meet you, you write your own songs?

“Sure Do”

Q what are your songs about?

“All sorts of things, what are my songs about, prospecting for gold, I write gospel songs about spiritual journeys; I write about jam sandwiches and shoes- why? Why not.  The more I think about it most of my songs are about travel. I don’t know if that’s because I do a lot of travelling or because I’m always moving…”

“…and not always forward” added Scott with a self deprecating laugh and a wry twinkle in his eye.


The Acoustic Session with Scott Wainwright, Martin Plock and Scott Lee Crosby Wednesday, November 19 at 8:30pm The Acoustic Session 57-59 New Briggate, LS2 8JD Leeds

Scotty's Little Shindig! Thornensians R.U.F.C.  Saturday, November 22 at 6:00pm Church Balk, Thorne, DN8 5BU Doncaster