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Beverley Folk Festival 2013- Review

By Andrew Sugden

How to keep a good thing going…

A fabulous festival and very successful move to its new home at Beverley Racecourse.

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The Beverley Fringe

There had been worry that the move of the main festival out of town might damage the Fringe. However the fringe events in town remained as strong as ever. Chantel Dickinson Landlady of the Tiger Inn said.

“The fringe was a really good weekend with lots of musicians regulars and festival goers.”

“We had a great weekend with dancing teams in the car park too”.

The Shuttle bus was wonderful as well really good for the festival too as lots of locals jumped in to visit the festival when they realised it was only a £1.”

“In the fringe, the pubs everyone got to work together, helping each other out and Laura from the festival kept in touch liasing between the festival and the fringe, all good for the town”.

Chantel said “talking to other cafe and reastaurant owners they saw a definite change, a drop in numbers; the race course is more contained giving less reason for people to come out into the town, because they are not wanting to miss what’s going on in the festival. There was less people mulliing around town”.

Derek Waudby Fringe Organiser said;

“I had lots of e-mails before the festival from people asking whether the fringe was still on- us folk's you know like to bring our instruments and join in. The fringe is a very important part of the folk experience”.

“Hodgsons, the Sun Inn and the Tiger Inn all did well, we even had people come from all over the country camping near Hodgsons.”

“Chris Wade festival organiser was very helpful, and supportive- the fringe events were in the main program and the shuttle bus worked fine, stopped at the venues encouraging people from the festival to visit the fringe”.

Derek said the fringe welcome session on Friday night went really well at Hodgsons and we had lots of good singaround sessions as well as singer songwriter sessions and featured artists throughout the weekend at the various fringe pubs.

“It’s important to keep music in Beverley and the fringe at the festival enhances the festival”. Said Derek.

Meeting the Artists and workshops

Vinnie Whitehead (helped by Bill Horncastle)- Songwriting Session

Lots of lovely music from the festival

Sustainability in action

Up (parent)

Ian Rankin talking about his newest novel

An Interview with Singer Songwriter Vinnie Whitehead and Vixen FM’s Radio Presenter Bill Horncastle (Fox’s Den)